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    The Chinese Traditional Medicine, known as the natural treatment medicine, considers the human's body a synchronized running part of the whole universe -- a subminiature universe. ( It is the fundamental thought of The Chinese Traditional Medicine that the ether and the man is just one and the same.) The human's body is a complex open living system running on the principle of dynamic equilibrium. This systematic equilibrium can be easily broken. Besides the astronomical terminal influence and the physical or chemical harm, the main destabilizing factors from outside the body are the six natural factors: Wind, Cold, Summer-Heat, Dryness, Humidity and Hotness. The main internal destabilizing factors are the seven emotional factors: Overjoy, Anger, Melancholy, Brooding, Sorrow, Fear and Shock. Once the living systematic balance is broken, the disease comes.

   According to The Chinese Traditional Medicine, not only the blood supplies nutrition for the body, but also another kind of material plays a more important role in doing such work, the very important material is a kind of Energy-Flow ( In Chinese it is called "Qi [ t ∫ i :]" ).

    Just like the blood flows in the vessels, the Energy-Flow flows in twenty special accesses (The accesses are named Meridians, including 12 common Meridians and 8 extra Meridians).  If any of the Energy-Flow accesses(Meridians) is blocked, or the Energy-Flow(Qi) is weakened, there must be a cause of disease.

    Four diagnostic methods are used in The Chinese Traditional Medicine: Inspection, a method of observing the sick's mental state, facial expression, tongue-coating, complexion, etc; Listening, a method of examining the sick's voice, tone and fluency in speaking; Inquiry, a method of diagnosing illness by asking about its cause, history, and current state; Pulse-Judgement, a method of judging various diseases by finger-feeling the 28 modes of pulse.

    The medicinal Sinoherb, comprising hundreds of kinds, may perform various functions to the human's body, such as Warm, Cool, Restoring Energy-Flow(Qi), Tonifying Blood, etc. 

    The Chinese Traditional Medicine used to differentiate various diseases by using the above-mentioned four diagnostic methods, and thus gives the patient proper medicinal herbs to adjust his(her) body's living systematic balance and cure the disease(s). Sometimes acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and massage are used as remedies, too.

    Furthermore, according to the Chinese Traditional Medicine, man would rather prevent diseases than remedy them. Taking medicine in one's sickness is just like digging a well to quench one's thirst or making weapons during a fight, that is inadvisable.

   Thus, some life cultivation methods have been being respected since ancient times.

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An Introduction about Chinese Traditional Medicine and sinoherbs