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An Introduction about 'Qi'
( Part Ⅰ)

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     Qi [ t i :] is a substantial concept in Chinese Traditional Medicine, Chinese Qigong and Taoism.

     Qi can be in or around the man's body.

     Qi is in the form of an Energy Flow when it is in the man's body, the man will be weak when this Energy Flow is weakend, and the movement of the man's body will be unfree, lumpish or restricted when this Energy Flow is partially blocked. Man's aging begins from the blockage of Qi in his body.

     Qi is in the form of an Energy Field or so-called Qi Field when it is out of the man's body.

     Up to now, Qi has not been detected by any instruments, but its actual existence is undoubted. The author has actually seen someone push a basin of water ahead from beyond 1 meter with nothing but invisible Qi . This kind of strength is called Kunjin in Chinese( meaning Piercing Strength).

     Qi is differential in qualities. Usually, a healthy person's Qi has a better quality than that of a sick man's, and a younger person's Qi has a better quality than that of an elder's.

     Qi is exchangeable and transferable among human beings. Outside Qi with a better quality than that of one's own has a positive influence on the man himself, vice versa.
     An adept in Qigong can export his own Qi into a sick man's body (without touching him), and help the man to recover from illness, though this process is detrimental to the Qigong adept himself.

     Human beings' Qi is differential in patterns.

     Ordinary persons with akin patterns of Qi may also exchange their Qi, communicate with and influence one another.

     The Qi patterns of one's family or relatives are closely akin to that of his own, the Qi patterns of individuals who are contubernal with the man are apt to get akin to that of his own.

     In the majority of instances, Qi is something like the brain-transmitted electric field or far infrared, through which, within a distance of 10 - 20 meters, the above-mentioned persons may communicate with and influence one another, either positively or negatively, maybe someday science such as photobiology will reveal some truth in respect of this.

     Obstacles such as wall or door cannot hold back the communication of Qi, while the longer the distance is, the weaker the communication is.

     It is observed among family members and relatives that, if one person falls sick, the other(s) will feel very tired or fall sick, too.
     Sometimes in the families in which the juniors live together with their old parents and/or grandparents, the junior wakes up every morning feeling depressed, low-spirited, dizzy, muzzy, tense, stiff or exhausted, the cause may be the negative influence of the elders' Qi.

     If one is unfortunately involved in such a case, a simple but effective method may come to his help: he may, during the small hours' sleep, put beneath his pillow a piece of meteorite slice or individual, such as NWA869, Gibeon or Brahin. The meteorite's energy field will protect the man from the unhealthy influence.

     Persons with different patterns of Qi rarely communicate with and influence each other, which explains why doctors are not influenced by patients and fall sick.

* In order to protect the device from being crushed, a solid plastic or wooden package is needed.

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An Introduction about 'Qi'